so you make out with patients now?

challenge 05

if you haven't voted yet, please vote here! we have some ties, and i'd love to have those broken!

so, i'm in a bit of a hurry, so this week will be a bit of a freeforall week! you can use any cap of ellen as meredith grey on grey's anatomy from the third season! anyone else can be in it, but the focus has to be on her, and the cap has to be from the third season! my favourite sites for grey's caps are, or

01. You may submit up to three icons.
02. one icon per picture.
03. All icons must meet lj limits/standards.
04. blending/brushes/textures/text are welcomed & encouraged!
05. all entries are due december 08. [i might extend it because of thanksgiving.]
06. have fun!

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you're gonna see me in her eyes.

challenge 03

so to help people who can't participate during the week, here is challenge 03 a bit early! these wasn't my first choice for pictures this week, but i couldn't find ny&co caps quickly enough, or in the quality i would have liked, so this will do for now, but i think it's an awesome replacement!

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